Capital Campaign

The purpose of this Capital Campaign is to prepare Sherman Street for the future.  In July 2023 we kick off a two-year plan to generate funds to improve our facilities.  Many years ago, the founders left us with a beautiful house to take care of.  As good stewards we have added to the house and increased the number of properties.  Now we must renew, refresh and repair what we have.


Who can contribute?

We welcome gifts, contributions, and donations from those who have been personally touched by our church.  This means you, a family member or a friend that has had a positive experience with a member of Sherman Street Church.


How can I present my gift? 

You can place your gift in the tithes and offerings envelope.  Write Capital Campaign on the line below Benevolence and fill in the amount.


You can also give online through the Givelify App at www.givelify.com.  Search for Sherman Street Church of God in Anderson, IN.  Select the Capital Campaign tab.  Be sure to download the Givelify App onto your mobile phone, iPad, or computer.  Coming soon, you will also be able to give directly from your bank or credit union account via Zelle.  Completed Pledge Forms can be emailed to shermancog@comcast.net


I have questions. 

You can contact the Capital Campaign Chairman Bro. Tim Holbert.

Email:  tholbert50@gmail.com


The Capital Campaign Brochure contains detailed information about our church history, facility needs and more.  Take a moment to read the brochure which is posted on our website.


CAPITAL CAMPAIGN BOOKLET  Click to read and download

PLEDGE FORM   Click to read and download