Rev. John M. Clark and his wife, Stella

Rev. John M. Clark and his wife, Stella

“Early Beginnings”

From its modest and humble beginnings to the present, Sherman Street Church of God has been a congregation of people with purpose, vision and commitment. Its more than half-century pilgrimage has been characterized by dreams, struggles, sacrifice, growth, achievement and advancement. Its history is that of a people joined in partnership and guided by the Holy Spirit in mission and ministry.

Sherman Street was established as a congregation about 1930. Services were first conducted in members’ homes. As growth occurred, efforts were directed toward securing a public worship facility. Among early pioneer leaders were the Rev. Otto Bolds, James Owens, Sr., Annie Davis, Mary J. Williams, Ida Morefield, J.O. Thompson, Rena O’Daniles, Grace and Harry Beckham, and Dixie and James Douglass.

In 1935, the Rev. John M. Clark and his wife, Stella, came to Sherman Street; he served as pastor until his death in 1958. He led the congregation in the purchase and remodeling of its first building (a two-story house) in 1936. Located at 1503 Sherman Street, it was remodeled again in 1943.

The congregation outgrew that building. This sparked efforts for a more adequate facility. The present site was purchased in the early 1950s after indebtedness on the house had been liquidated. Shortly thereafter, a new parsonage was built. In 1957, the first unit (lower level) of the present structure was constructed and dedicated under the pastorate of the late Rev. Clark.

The church called the Rev. Edward L. Foggs and his wife, Joyce, as its pastor in 1959. Under his leadership, the indebtedness on the first unit was liquidated. The completed sanctuary, office area, and additional classrooms were built during his pastorate. These facilities, dedicated in 1969, marked another significant milestone in the life of Sherman Street.

With the new opportunities for ministry symbolized by the new facility came new pastoral leadership. Dr. Clifton M. Morgan served Sherman Street as pastor from 1970 to 1977 and as Minister of Outreach from 1977 until his health necessitated retirement. Having been a missionary to India with his wife, Mary, they brought to the congregation a strong and fruitful emphasis on the church’s mission to distant lands.

In 1978, the youthful and dynamic Rev. Jethro Mosely, Jr. accepted the pastoral call. Sparked with vision and excitement, he and his wife, Ann, developed caring community ministries and enhanced congregational growth. Several physical plant improvements, including air conditioning of the sanctuary, were accomplished during his tenure, which concluded in 1981.

During a two-year transitional period, the congregation was without a pastor. Strong and capable lay leadership, however, served effectively to bridge this period between pastors until the Rev. Richard Goode was called in 1984. He and his wife, Lois brought their own unique gifts of ministry as they followed a long-standing tradition of spirit-inspired excellence. Pastor Goode emphasized a spirit-filled worth which lead to strong Kingdom of God service. The congregation continued to develop and grow under his ministry.